• on Kickstarter

    21 March 2015

    Our startup is about to conquer the United States and the entire world – a crowfunding campaign, in which the creators raise money for the creation of Sherlybox was just launched several days ago. more

  • The first introduction of BLE (Beacon) technology in retail segment in Poland

    The first introduction of BLE (Beacon) technology in retail segment in Poland. more

  • Investment in PeekQuick

    Satus Venture invested PLN 0.75 mln in PeekQuick – a business platform used for collecting data from the market. more

  • Snapp In Satus Group

    On 12 November Satus Venture proceeded with another investment. This time the firm invested PLN 750.000 in Snapp project and therefore now holds 30% of its total shares. more

  • Satus Venture plans on remaining Bloober Team SA shareholder

    Satus Venture Sp. z o.o. – so far the biggest shareholder of a share company Bloober Team SA informed about reducing its shared below 25% of its total share number. At the same time, the Management Board of the fund declares remaining the company’s shareholder for the next 6 months. more



Satus connects innovative originators with conscious private investors. It selects the most innovative projects and connects them with the sources of capital.


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