Our Investments


company from the Margański&Mysłowski Group Aviation Plant in Bielsko Biała.  It provides services to external entities acting in the aviation manufacturing market.   At present, the priority of the company is to implement the production of a twin-engined (piston engine) disposal plane Orka. Orka combines speed, safety and comfort and an unforgettable experiences thanks to panoramic views. The plane is one of only two of this kind in the world, and has a Certificate of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


is a leading producer of games 2D, whose products are currently available both on the domestic and foreign market. The company operates in an international environment, in a dynamically developing industry with a wide range and a constantly growing number of recipients, which creates great conditions for the development of such producers as Bloober Team. The company’s products are known on the most important international markets, promote the Polish brand in the world and introduce a completely new quality on the computer game market!


the leader of the preschool media market in Poland - almost every second Polish family with children aged 2-6, uses online services in the category of ”educational entertainment  ­ edutainment”.
This expert from Cracow, while creating services for parents and children aged 2-9, also provides innovative tools for educating children through common play  time with parents, based on their own parental observations.
Han Bright is the author of the projects such as ciufcia.pl and magic kuchnia.pl
 Ciufcia is the greatest service in Poland for children aged 2­6. It has more than 160 educational games, prepared in cooperation with psychologists and educators.
Magic Kitchen is an interactive encyclopaedia for children. It works by means of colourful, dynamic and fun animations, explaining to children the principles of actions, processes and phenomena in the surrounding world.
At present, Han Bright is working on expansion inside foreign markets.

a company from Bielsko Biała, dealing with design of virtual electronic components (defined as IP cores).  These are used in  world markets for the designs of special integrated circuits (ASIC or ASSP), or in the designs using FPGA circuits.  Through the participation of SATUS and EU support, the Company has developed several new research projects. As a result of which, it will introduce new, worldwide competitive  solutions.
The customers include: Eastman Kodak, Fingerprint Cards, Hitachi, InnovA­ SIC, Nordic Semiconductors, Pixel­ Works, Quartics, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Spansion, Texas Instruments, Tezzaron, Toshiba, Winbond, ZMD.
In the domestic market, Evatronix supplies engineering computer systems CAD/CAM for companies dealing with design and production of machines, apparatus, steel sheet elements and steel structures.  The company deals with implementing software for engineering calculations CAE as well as supplying specialist computer software and peripherals to co-operate with proposed applications. The company is also a distributor of modern tools Altium Ltd and a certified partner of Microsoft®.


Binary Helix S.A. functions in a field of widely known modern technology. Issuer deals with design, performance and implementation of highly innovative products and technologies from the electronic branch, in the scope of e.g. reducing electrical energy, innovative advertising carriers, telemetry, monitoring of facilities and vehicles as well as control systems like the  so called Intelligent House.  The company has vast number of applications e.g. industry, households, transport and advertising.

seated in Warsaw, specialising in selling services for improving physical condition, recreation, health and beauty.  It undertakes partnership cooperation with companies in Poland.  It is proved by high quality services in the scope of: sport and recreation, culture and entertainment, improvement of health and beauty (as well as massage and beauty procedures).  On the basis of partnership agreements, the company offers OK MULTICARDS - or namets allowing the use of the biggest range of sports, recreational and prohealth services.   At present, the OK Multicards are honoured in more than 1600 facilities.

from Racibórz, deals with providing managers with information needed for effective decision making in everyday business activities.   The basic service - CONTROLLING OURSOURCING - relies on  a combination experience and competence of specialists in control using most modern technological solutions supporting controlling processes. Taking the entirety of tasks needed for effective and efficient actions of the information system of a company, it allows Clients to focus on their basic business activity and reduces permanent costs of an enterprise.


from Katowice, introduces e-business solutions, which accelerate processes and increases the effectiveness of work.  The company specialises in providing complex, advanced dedicated systems  based on web technologies, advanced internet services (e-commerce, Web 2.0, portals), collocations, hosting and server administration, and individual configuration of VoIP telephony.  The company designs systems and applications that are characterised by simplicity of service and opportunity of expanding along with an increase in companies and organisations.
The project is finished.


Tax5 allows to order a taxi by the application on a mobile phone. To use Taxi5 you should install free application on your iPhone or Android powered device. When you are registered in the system you can order a taxi by clicking Order a Taxi application button. Why it's so easy? GPS device in your smartphone knows where you are, i.e. where to the taxi should come. System sends your order through Internet to the taxi company operating nearby and the company selects the driver who can come to you as quickly as possible.





EventB2B is an innovative online platform for organising virtual and mixed events, e.g. trade fairs, conferences or courses.
EventB2B Cloud Conference – an inexpensive solution for event organisers that is easy and fast to implement. Cloud Conference Apps are ideal for businesses that, by using a customisable mobile app and a WEB platform, want to support their modern image through new technological solutions and by creating additional value and benefits for their customers.
EventB2B Shopping Centres – an offer for shopping centres and retail parks. It enables new communication possibilities, marketing options, offer presentations and customer and hirer interactions.
EventB2B Trade Fair – an offer aimed at trade fair facilities. It supports all three sides engaged in an event – the organisers, exhibitors and visitors.
EventB2B Conferences – dedicated solutions for conference, congress and course organisers. Conferences Apps are ideal for business that, by using a customisable mobile app and a WEB platform, want to support their modern image through new technological solutions and by creating additional value and benefits for their customers.
The platform was used for the first time during the Kielce Trade Fair in 2012 and enabled a dialogue between the visitors and exhibitors. The participants could read the event program, see the fair map and collect electronic versions of information materials thanks to a virtual briefcase.
The company is the owner e-commerce portal dealing with the selling process of building materials which stand over in the inventories of vendors. It is a combination of a typical commercial offer for online stores and outlets (it starts in September 2012).
The portal, through a large number of users, will open new channels of the distribution of defaulting and problematic materials accumulated in the companies storages. The portal offer will be much more comprehensive than the offer of any single online store, due to the combined offer of numerous companies. Moreover, due to the specificity of the goods, it will be offered under very favorable terms (at or below the prices of suppliers).
In the service the offers, promotions and sales of building and finishing materials could be compared. They could be grouped by the categories and sorted by price. The offer includes materials for walls, roofs, floors, as well as mortars, paints, windows, doors or insulation necessary for the construction or renovation, along with prices, photographs and addresses of the shops.
One of the main company commercial advantage is software automatization of the process posting its offer in the service by particular contractors according to previously defined criteria.
SentiOne is first on the Polish market system dedicated to protect image of the companies in the Internet. The product is addressed to PR, marketing, interactive agencies and companies which are interested in monitoring its own image in the web.
The way of SentiOne activity is easy. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week all polish internet is monitored and actual data base of net surfers statements about branches, products, services and people is created. Later on, using intuitive client's panel, every company can begin to monitor and analyse opinions which are shown about this company in the Internet. The results of analysis are presented in approachable way and it is easy to export them to other programs. SentiOne safeguards good name of company in the Internet, immediately catching negative opinions about the company. Additionally, SentiOne allows to take part in important discussions about the company. Thanks to it, the company can quickly gain new clients and react to problems of actual clients which are shown in the Internet.
The project relies on the production and distribution of innovative heating fireplaces and innovative equipment for renewable energy systems. To the end of this year the company will start production innovative heating fireplaces. The proposed solution of fireplace inserts places the products in a class of devices with high energy efficiency and low emissions. It also has an innovative construction, designed for the combustion of any fuel. In the enterprise offer there could also be find the company's integrated energy systems based on innovative photovoltaic devices (PV, PVT, CIGS) and gas generators (BHKW). The advantage of the company is the experience in the renewable energy sector. Distribution of equipment as well as plant design systems and energy generation from renewable sources will be carried out on the basis of the KITs distribution The benefit of this form of distribution is a complex supply of components to generate energy, devices for energy storage - batteries, environmentally friendly power generating devices such as BHKW or heat pumps.
Duckie Deck is a cross-educational space for children, a global Internet service available either by web browsers in desktop computers, laptops, tablets as well as in smartphones. The service consists of over 350 educational games, developed under the supervision of child psychologists and educators. More than a half of the games is available to all users for free. The other can be reached after the payment of one of available subscriptions. The project consists of two basic components: the child deck (the cockpit for children) and the parent deck (cockpit designed for parents). A key product innovation on a global scale is the use of child psychology in the technological project addressed to 2-5 years old children and their parents. A process innovation is the use of HTML5 technology that allows running applications from any device such as a laptop or tablet. The product meets the educational needs of the child and the parent's supervision. The parent receives the tools to balance the development of their child competence.
On December 6th 2012, Duckie Deck won the T-Mobile Startup Challenge – a contest aimed at promoting ideas for business in the field of telecom and Internet technology that offer outstanding value for their users.
In March 2013, during SXSWEdu in Austin, Texas (one of the biggest educational conferences in the world) Duckie Deck has been qualified as the world's top 6 in the LaunchEdu competition.

Antikeye is a Web portal which is being created for both professional and amateur collectors all around the globe – the place where you would be able to watch rare museum pieces as well as privately owned collections. It also would give opportunity of exchanging information about users’ aggregates, meet collectors from all parts of the world and ask for experts opinions about objects users would be interested in.
Excellent quality of photos stored in our database assures that all the details of presented exhibits are accessible for the viewers with the highest sharpness from all sides. It is possible thanks to applying 3D/360° technology.
Antikeye is totally new and fresh solution for anybody taking an interest in collectibles. We have no competitors in our field. Our business model is based on B2C principles and rely on profits achieved from subscriptions paid by registered users not only in order to keep full access to database of 2D or 3D photos and 360° animations, but also to benefit from having account on www.antikeye.com (keep in touch with experts, getting to know other collectors, own collections sharing possibility, images of items shared by other users viewing, trading or exchanging exhibits transaction possibility).
Antikeye, being an important – and missing till now – tool for professionals, for hobbyist would be a chance for detailed contemplation of items haven’t been digitalized before. An essence of Antikeye technology advantage over traditional sources of gaining collectors knowledge (printed catalogues) is its relatively low price for customers and their comfort in terms of speed and convenience of the access to huge and constantly growing database.
Tequila Games is a fresh studio devoted to creating free-to-play social mobile games. Spun off Tequila Mobile, the young company is built on 10 years of experience, awesome people and field-tested know-how. BattleFriends, Tequila Games, matinee brand, attracts hundreds of thousands users a month thanks to its focus on multiplayer fun, simple gameplay and attractive visuals. With constant updates to existing products and new titles always in the making, the company strives to develop its friendly relationships with gamers of all ages for years to come.
iPlacement is the first advertising-media agency specializing in product placement in games and apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Due to a very dynamic development and a fact the mobile marketing market keeps growing rapidly, the company is very open for investors willing to help iPlacement to expand on the global markets.
"The goal is to develop a facility which would be ready to meet the demands and challenges of future needs of the information society. The growing information noise encountered through the Internet and mass media communication has become overwhelming. Thus, dotOne ltd is creating a system which would help optimizing the B2B and B2C communication by lowering its costs, as well as simplifying the exchange of information.

The company's activities is the production of dental toothpicks, an innovative product, which is something between a traditional dental floss and toothpick, handy and efficient to use. The product is both personal hygiene and a medium for advertising on the package.  
Lingapp is a technological company from the Internet and education branch. It has been building useful tools for different devices (web,mobile,plugins) to help people study English faster and more effectively.

Web TV, engaged in the production of independent, innovative interactive programs, targeted mainly to young men online. All programs are available on VOD platform at www.istv.pl. TV offers brand advertisers exposure on the principles of classical emission displays, as well as product placement and new, original forms of advertising. Using wide knowledge of web and TV performances, ISTV offers film production directly for companies that want to reach their clients by interesting and engaging video.
AppliSoleil provides an information service about special offers of local restaurants on a daily basis. The service applies common ways of communication, making it easy to use for restaurants and attractive for customers.
Posterro is a mobile app that uses beautiful poster art to connect people to entertainment events, worldwide.
Innovation Platform, is an internet distribution network, focused on innovative products and services, alloving innovation providers to effectively reach small and medium enterprises, that are seeking savings, looking to increase revenue  and willing to improve safety in the workplace.
Effective communication with target group is provided by unified graphical interface and ranking mechanism -  selection of the most valuable and recommended innovations, allow to provide the most desirable product and service innovations to representatives of various industries.
Bringing together suppliers and consumers of innovation in a single platform, enables precise examination of the demand side of the market - current trends, needs and preferences - and, consequently, adaptation of innovations to the end- customer current needs.
Hependo was established in 2011 based on the know-how and IP developed by polish professors from Jagiellonian University and Technical University of Lodz. The company aims to develop a small molecule, natural product derived drug to be used as an anti-inflammatory agent with hepatoprotective properties, with an emphasis on hepatitis C. HCV is considered as an unmet medical need, with market value of $4 bln USD, and 130 mln casualties worldwide. Hependo operates in a virtual business model, outsourcing all its research activities to external CRO companies. The company accomplished most of the preclinical experiments, proving the lead compound to be safe and effective in an animal model of hepatitis C. All of the results are patent protected in the US, 23 countries of Europe, Russia and Canada. Further development of the drug candidate, aims to rise about 1 mln euro to continue research until the project reaches clinical development phase.
Lipolek is a company operating in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology. The main product, to be developed by the company, will be an anticoagulant formulation in a gel application form, which will be used in prevention and treatment of surface vein diseases. Presence of liposome in the formulation carries several advantages such as: increase in efficacy of the product, lack of ethanol in formulation (normally present in competitive product) will eliminate skin irritation The global market value the used API is estimated for $1.025 billion USD. R&D process will take two years to develop a market-ready product. On completion of the R&D process, the company will have manufacturing specifications of the product technology, analytical methods developed and validated, and analysis performed in accordance to the specification of final products. Lipolek will possess the results of penetration of API through the skin, the series of prototype formulation compliant with regulatory demands to allow production of drugs, finalized in a form of a registration dossier. Founding Team consists of  people with proven business experience and laboratory research practice.
Novel_ID is a company that offers solutions in the area of pharmaceutical nanotechnology - based on liposomal platform that delivers active ingredients (API).  The goal of the company is to develop two liposomal technologies as local anesthetic, given in a form of: (i) gel applicable before injection (ii) roll-on to relief symptoms of an insect bites. Technology offered will be sold as registration dossier.The company works in area of local anasthetics, where a global market value in this sector, is estimated for $605 mln USD. Founding Team consist of people with academic degrees, and years of experience in pharmaceutical industry in development of liposomal formulation of many drugs. The company owns know-how, prototype liposomal formulation produced in laboratory scale, technical documentation of liposomal form of lidokaine (containing methods for API determination, method of testing efficacy of the formulation in vitro, initial assumptions for a formulation in semi-technical scale. In addition Novel_ID provides services in the field of physicochemical characterization of drug formulation, transdermal tests of drugs on laboratory scale, advisory expertise in patentability analysis of novel drug formulations, as well as preparation of the proper documentation during the process of drug development (generics).
simAb was established in Dec 2011, as one of the few purely biotech companies in Poland. The goal of the company is to provide to the market a number of biosimilas (generics of biologic drugs), with anticancer, and  anti-inflammatory activity, sued by the current society. The global market for each of the therapeutics is exceeding 5 bln USD in value. The team comprises of experts from biotech and pharma industry with proven business experience in a laboratory research practice. Currently simAb is conducting research and development work in rented laboratory space, at the same time preparing to outsource further, more advance work to CRO companies. With the use of seed money, the company will fully accomplish R&D process; afterwards it will raise additional capital in order to outsource further development of the project to a previously selected CRO company, or to invest into its own laboratory to implement appropriate certification and to move the products into the clinical phase. For this purpose simAb seeks for an investment of 1 mln euro.
F1 Pharma
F1 Pharma sp. z o.o. is a pharmaceutical company focused on research and development activities. The founders of F1 Pharma include experts with substantial experience based on many years of work in the pharmaceutical industry. They are competent in the fields of research and development of products, analysis, quality assurance, organic synthesis. F1 Pharma is capable of providing a full range of services necessary to introduce a pharmaceutical product into the market, perform quality control and drug release, verification of contracted suppliers and manufacturers, drug registration. Research activities of F1 Pharma team aim at developing the company's own innovative solutions.
Project ReMasters aims to establish a fully biotech company for the purpose of developing a technology of making novel restriction enzymes (molecular scissors for DNA cleavage). This technology will allow to make restriction enzymes as biomarkers used in molecular in vitro diagnostics, for a fast and cheap screening method for identification of genetically based disorders. Global restriction enzymes market was valued in 2006 for 300 mln USD, whereas in vitro diagnostics market is estimated to reach in 2013 value of 52 bln USD. The goal of the company is to generate research results that will allow to establish a method of production of restriction enzymes with the use of the most advanced laboratory equipment and tools available for current molecular biology. All of the laboratory work is being led by ambitious and experienced biotech researcher from the University of Warsaw. The company will be the only owner of intellectual property rights, materialized in form of the patent application registered in national and regional patent office's such as: USPTO, EPO, Indian and Canadian patent offices.
Synergian.pl - the first on the polish market web-service focused on comparing and ordering services in many industries on-line, based on the services data base developed by the authors, allowing the service providers to easily and quickly setting a prices for their services. By assigning specific services to specific names and units, for example square meters or kilograms, providers are setting prices for identical services while customers are able to quickly compare and order these services. To ensure that the appropriate number of users is visiting a website, an equity fund and a strategic partner - one of the key players on the polish internet portals market - have been involved in the project as investors. The project is currently in preparation for integration with partner, domain name change and rebranding. The company is working on improving usability and increasing the conversion rates. The company is looking for possibilities for cooperation with the owners of the database services companies, companies focusing efforts on the small and medium-sized enterprises market as well as companies delivering products and services complementary to the services provided by Synergian.pl.

Legimi is the first ebookstore in Poland, which offers unlimited access to whole catalogue on tablets or smartphones based on a subscription model. The gateway to the ebook library is a range of Legimi apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Users of Amazon Kindle e-reader can purchase single files in the ebookstore as well.
Legimi is also a software vendor for several internet websites, which operate on the book market in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.
Dr Omnibus
A comprehensive tool to support the therapy of children with developmental and/or behavioral disorders (including autism, ADHD, mental retardation), which contains applications for tablets with the system of tracking child's progress and gives the opportunity to carry out activities at any place - including the therapeutic center, during the meeting with the therapist and the child's home, without the presence of the therapist.
FlyTech Solutions is a young and dynamic limited liability spin-off company, providing the Polish civil market with innovative solutions from the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), lightweight composite structures and specialized software applications. Our UAS solutions are mainly targeted towards the wide scope of dull, dirty, dangerous and inaccessible tasks required by the industry, including overhead power line inspections, geodetic and environmental surveying, as well as monitoring of forest fires. Currently we are developing 2 cutting-edge aerial observation platforms with electric propulsion, specifically: the FT01 - blended wing-body of 8kg take-off weight and the FT02 of classical design with 12kg of take-off weight and up to 3h of endurance. Both platforms can be furnished with gyro-stabilized optics providing image resolutions of 2cm per pixel in geodetic applications. Alternatively both FT01 & FT02 can be easily tailored to fit the particular needs of our clients.
Social WiFi – a partnership enterprise founded on March 7th 2013 by Artur Racicki (CEO) and Tomasz Wysocki (CTO).
Social WiFi is a service that gives a significant, additional bonus from sharing free WiFi. It allows the owners of restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and other places with WiFi access to contact their customers and inform them of upcoming events, promotions, special offers as well as ask them to fill a survey.
Transforming free WiFi into a platform like this is very easy. It is enough to connect a Social WiFi device into a router. After that, every customer wanting to access free WiFi will be asked to log in via their social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn or by their email address. By logging in, they will supply contact data required for further communication.
Social WiFi can be used by all businesses that share free WiFi with their customers, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping centres, airports, cinemas, fitness centres, mass events, offices or petrol stations. Until now, the owners of such places have had limited possibilities of contacting people who have used their services. 

Freeky Games 

an innovative company operating in the market of console computer games.  The company will be producing free to play games, and its first product will be a game called Deathmatch Village designed for PlayStation consoles.  With the money raised from StartMoney Fund Freeky Games will produce and bring this first game to the market. Release of the Deathmatch Village is expected sometime in early September of 2013.


the company wants to be fulfilling needs and solving problems of cars owners when it comes to: effective and comfortable sale, safe and profitable purchasing of used cars, and using various services connected with car exploitation. It is an innovative and unique solution, as it connects internet activity with field sales network that will be available in the entire territory of Poland.
A wide range of innovative services delivered by AutoGo+ answers the needs of a large group of clients – car owners. Services delivered by the company will regulate Polish market of used cars trade, and make it professional. AutoGo+ services is available from September 2013, firstly in Małopolska region and later in the entire Poland.

Biogenetica International Laboratories

an innovative company specializing in genetic diagnostic testing. With the StartMoney Fund investment a state of the art laboratory will be opened in Poznan, where R&D work will be carried out, and samples of genetic codes from patients from all over Europe will be analyzed. In further stages tests will be sold to doctors, outpatients clinics, health centers, hospitals and similar units. First genetic diagnostic tests are meant for dermatological conditions – acne, male and female balding, cellulite, psoriatic arthritis, and genital herpes. Poznań laboratory will be analyzing samples from patients from the entire territory of Poland, as well as from clinics and hospitals from Western Europe, Scandinavian and Baltic Region Countries, Slovakia and Hungary. As a result of few years long cooperation of scientists from Poland and United States, the laboratory will also be running research and development on further tests – for example cardiac tests.
Biogenetica tests will help doctors decide whether a patient belongs to a high-risk group for certain diseases well before patient develops any symptoms, which helps choose the best possible treatment and avoid potential complications.
With the tests it is possible to check individual predispositions of a patient to many diseases, and determine individual sensitivity to medicines, which enables early preventions, and allows choose the best possible treatment for potential, or already ill patients, as all predispositions to diseases as well as reaction to drugs are written down in our DNA.
Biogenetica tests will be the best method of prevention, and a tool of choosing the best possible treatment for each patient.




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